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July 24

Best Portrait (Color)

Best Portrait (Black & Gray)

Best Traditional

Most Unusual

Best Lettering

Best Tribal/Celtic

Best Floral/Nature

Color Infused Black & Gray

Tattoo of the Day (Color)

Tattoo of the Day (Black & Gray)


July 25

Small Color (4" x 4" and smaller)

Medium Color (Up to 8" x 8")

Large Color (Up to 12" x 12")

XL Color (Bigger than 12" x 12")

Small Black & Gray (4" x 4" smaller)

Medium Black & Gray (Up to 8" x 8")

Large Black & Gray (Up to 12" x 12")

XL Black & Gray (Bigger than 12" x 12")

Hand/Neck Tattoo

Sleeve (Leg or Arm must be 80% minimum complete)

Chest Piece

Back Piece

Overall (Male)

Overall (Female)

Tattoo of the Day (Color)

Tattoo of the Day (Black & Gray)


July 26

Best Painting

Most Unique Art (Not painting or tattoo)

Best Tattoo Flash Art

Cover Up (Before & after pictures required)

Tattoo of the Day (Color)

Tattoo of the Day (Black & Gray)

Best in Show

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

$10 fee per entry.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place plaques will be awarded for each category, excluding the Tattoo of the Day which will be awarded as Top 3, both color and black and gray. A Tattoo of the Day eligible entry must be done start to finish on the day of entry at the convention. If it is worked on more than one day or past the deadline for Tattoo of the Day, it can be entered in Daily categories or in Best of Show only.

All Tattoo of the Day winners, both color and black and gray, will be automatically entered into the Best of Show contest on Sunday. Anyone can enter the Tattoo Contests, as long as they have pieces that fit the categories. Newly done tattoos can be entered in daily categories, as well healed tattoos.

There is no limit to the number of entries a person can enter. Entries are taken from the opening of the show until 15 minutes prior to judging. Size requirements are stated below:

Small- 4”x4” or smaller, Medium- 8”x8” or smaller, Large- 12”x12” or smaller, Extra Large- 12”x12” or larger. A larger piece such as arm sleeve can be broken down into smaller pieces to enter multiple categories. 

This is a family event. Please refrain from any vulgar or overly sexual art.

(All non-tattoo art will be displayed for the entire day Sunday).

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